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Saddle Strap
Saddle Strap
Loop Type Saddle StrapRing Type Saddle StrapLoop Saddle Strap Opened to Show LoopsRing Saddle Strap Adjusted to Show Adjustability
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There is a loop style saddle strap and an adjustable ring type saddle strap.  It is recommended to use either of these nylon saddle straps to attach a lanyard to.  It is not recommended to use a product that attaches to D rings solely, as these can pull out.  These saddle straps may also known as a bucking strap, pommel strap and grab strap.

  • The loop style saddle strap has multiple loops in it for either placing a lanyard through a particular spot on the strap, placing ends around stirrup bars, or placing a lanyard through an end loop.
  • The ring type saddle strap has adjustable end loops for shortening the strap after it has been placed on an English saddle or for enlarging the loops to place over a saddle horn and tightening again.
  • Either saddle strap attaches to the stirrup bars on an English saddle.  Some like to also run the loop style through the D rings allowing it to stay further out in front of the rider.  This is not possible with the ring type strap.  However, the ring type can be shortened once placed from stirrup bar to stirrup bar as it is adjustable.
  • On a Western saddle the loop strap can run around the pommel placing one end loop through the other.  Most like to place this on the right side, same side as the key box.
  • On a Western saddle the ring style saddle strap ends can be adjusted to slip over the horn cap and then cinched down around the neck of the saddle horn.  A substantially larger horn cap than neck is required to ensure the strap will not be pulled off.
  • The lanyard (also known as a coiled wire) of the Hit-Air inflatable vest system attaches to the saddle strap for safe keeping and and quick access for connecting to the keyball mechanism of the vest.
  • Get a saddle strap for each saddle and get a lanyard for each saddle so you can quickly get connected after mounting without having to transfer saddle straps or lanyards.  Get a new saddle strap if yours appears worn.
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Made from nylon webbing as a strap. Strong and is the best choice for environmental factors. It will not weaken and deteriate as quickly as other materials.
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