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Loop End Coiled Wire LanyardLoop End Bungee LanyardClip End Bungee Lanyard
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The coiled wire lanyard attaches from the clip on the keyball mechanism of the inflatable vest to the saddle strap.  A vest order comes with one lanyard, a loop end lanyard.  There are three typical styles. Two have a loop end and one has a clip end.  All work on both saddle straps.  Another way to look at this is two are a bungee style lanyard covered in nylon and one is a coiled wire lanyard.  For our purposes we categorize these into two, a loop style lanyard and a clip type lanyard.  If you order a loop style lanyard you may receive either, but lately we have been getting the bungee styles in.

  • The traditional coiled lanyard loop end has an additional protective tubing that can be cut to the length needed and a loop setter that tightens down onto the two sections of the wire.  The wire is covered and smooth.  There is a coiled section that allows for stretch movement of the rider.  If you order a loop style lanyard you may receive this or the following loop end.
  • One bungee style is a nylon covered heavy duty elastic lanyard with an adjustable loop end.  This allows for an adjustable length of lanyard.
  • The other bungee style lanyard is the same nylon covered heavy duty elastic with a clip end.  This may be more convenient for taking the lanyard with you if you do not need to also take the saddle strap.  This style however does not have any adjustability to the length of it.
On all types, the plastic insert snaps into the keyball mechanism of the vest creating the completion of the inflatable vest system.  This is compatible with all vests (B and Y type keyboxes).  Once this attachment is made the vest will inflate if the keyball is pulled from the cartridge box from a hard pull, like during a fall.  This is granted the system is set up properly and the vest contains a proper CO2 canister.

Although each inflatable vest comes with a lanyard you can get an additional lanyard and a saddle strap for each saddle you use for convenience.  Get a new lanyard if yours appears worn.

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