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Bolt and Wrench
Bolt and Wrench
Hit-Air Y-type Keybox Bolt and Allen WrenchHit-Air B-type Keybox Bolt and Allen WrenchY-type Keybox BoltB-type Keybox BoltHit-Air Bolt Head and Allen Wrench Y-type
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The Hit-Air inflatable protective vests come with a bolt and allen wrench.  These tools are used to reset the keyball back into the keybox once it has been pulled from the keybox during a discharge of the vest.  The bolt is used to move the firing pin spring just so in order to get the opening the perfect size to receive the keyball.  The allen wrench is used to tighten and loosen the bolt accordingly.  This may need to be slowly done until the keyball drops completely down into the socket.  Then the bolt needs to be removed once the keball is set.  There are two different sets.  One is for the Y-type keybox and the other is for the B-type keybox.  The models are below.
  • The SV2, LV and Youth Enclosed models have the Y-type keybox.
  • The MLV (Pro Vest), Advantage and Youth Open models have the B-type keybox.
If you are still not sure here are some other methods of indicating the bolt you need.  If the bolt you had is stainless steel then you need the Y-type set.  If the bolt you had is black you need the B-type set.  If your vest takes a 30cc or 48cc CO2 canister your vest has a Y-type keybox.  If your vest uses a 50cc or 60cc CO2 cartridge then it has a B-type keybox.  Most vests indicate the keybox type in the description sewn under the zippered area around the keybox and CO2 canister.

Get an extra set or two so you are always able to change your CO2 cartridge.  Keep one at the barn, one in the trailer and one in your grooming kit or wherever it makes sense to you.
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