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Hit-Air: Adult SV2 and LV
Hit-Air: Adult SV2 and LV
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Inflatable Air-Vests – Product Overview

The Hit-Air air bag vest is an innovative additional protection product for equestrians.  Wear it as the external garment to allow room for inflation.

  • Very light and thin.  Stays out of the way and will hardly be noticeable.  This vest is built with a comfortable open design and gives riders freedom and flexibility of movement.
  • Provides extra protection in case of an unexpected departure from the horse.  It absorbs impact as it cushions the neck, torso, spine and hips with air.
  • High speed deployment.  Vest is quickly inflated.
  • The vest can be integrated into apparel.  It can be worn over a body protector vest for extra protection or it can be worn without one.
  • Easy to put on and easy to take off.  Each size or style allows for a lot of adjustability.
  • There are style choices and color choices. Pick SV2 or LV under size and scroll back up to picture to see the difference.

More information on the Hit-Air air bag vest:

  • One CO2 cartridge is included with vest purchase.
  • A coiled wire lanyard is shipped with the vest too.  This is to create an attachment point to ensure deployment if necessary.
  • If riders try to dismount forgetting to unhook the coiled wire, the tension felt is usually enough of a reminder to do so.
  • Most riders like to hook the coiled wire to a bucking (also known as a pommel or saddle) strap.  They are available for purchase in vest accessories.

SV2 and LV Models – Style Summary

These are super light weight harness type airbag vests.  The SV2 is the small category for this style and the LV is the larger size category.  They come in black, red, royal blue, navy blue, hunter green and purple.

  • Open design is cool and comfortable.
  • Recommended style for use over a body protector.
  • The vests are easy to put on.  Front adjustable straps ensure a proper fit.
  • Consider the size to order depending upon if you will be using a protective vest underneath the inflatable vest.


  • Adjusts for  US sizes 2XS through Small (see sizing chart)
  • Uses a 48cc CO2 cartridge.  Make sure you stock up so you are ready.
  • 1.76 pounds
  • The side tubes inflate and open up a pocket under buttons. Pick this under size and scroll to picture to see it inflated.


  • Adjusts for US sizes Small through XL
  • Uses a 48cc CO2 cartridge. Make sure you stock up so you are ready.
  • 1.9 pounds
  • The side tubes inflate but do not have an extra pocket under buttons.  Pick this size and scroll to picture to see it inflated.
+/- SV2 Measurements and Adjustability
Height 4'9"  to 5'9"
Chest 29"  to 37"
Waist 23" to 31"
+/- LV Measurements and Adjustability
Height 4'11" to 6'1"
Chest 31.5" to 43"
Waist 26" to 36"

 Looking for a larger size? Try the MLV or the Advantage.  Looking for a smaller size?  Try the Kids Model.

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