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Keyball Mechanism
Keyball Mechanism
Small Keyball Mechanism for Hit-Air SV2, LV and Youth Enclosed ModelLarge Keyball Mechanism for Hit-Air MLV, Advantage and Youth Open ModelKeyball Mechanisms Small and Large Keyballs
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The keyball and clip are provided with this keyball mechanism.  An inflatable vest comes with one.  The keyball sets into the keybox on the vest and the lanyard clips into the keyball mechanism clip.  You can get one to replace a lost keyball mechanism or to replace one if it appears worn.  There are two sizes of keyballs.
  • The small keyball mechanism fits the Hit-Air Youth Enclosed Model, SV2, and LV.  These are also known as fitting a Y-type keybox.
  • The large keyball mechanism fits the Hit-Air Youth Open Model, MLV (The Pro Vest) and Advantage.  These are also known as fitting a B-type keybox.
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