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Hit-Air: Youth
Hit-Air: Youth
Hit-Air Youth Open Style in BlackHit-Air Youth Open Style in RedHit-Air Youth Open Style in Royal Blue
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Inflatable Air-Vests – Product Overview

The Hit-Air air bag vest is an innovative additional protection product for equestrians.  Wear it as the external garment to allow room for inflation.

  • Very light and thin.  Stays out of the way and will hardly be noticeable.  This vest is built with a comfortable open design and gives riders freedom and flexibility of movement.
  • Provides extra protection in case of an unexpected departure from the horse.  It absorbs impact as it cushions the neck, torso, spine and hips with air.
  • High speed deployment.  Vest is quickly inflated.
  • The vest can be integrated into apparel.  It can be worn over a body protector vest for extra protection or it can be worn without one.
  • Easy to put on and easy to take off.  Each size or style allows for a lot of adjustability.
  • This Youth style is made in the same open vest design as those for adults, offering the same protection.  They have just been made for smaller bodies.
  • Black is standard.  Red and royal blue are also available.

More information on the Hit-Air air bag vest:

  • One 50cc CO2 cartridge is included with vest purchase.
  • A coiled wire lanyard is shipped with the vest too.  This is to create an attachment point to ensure deployment if necessary.
  • If riders try to dismount forgetting to unhook the coiled wire, the tension felt is usually enough of a reminder to do so.
  • Most riders like to hook the coiled wire to a bucking (also known as a pommel or saddle) strap.  They are available for purchase.

Youth Open Model – Style Summary

This is an open, super light weight harness type vest with an internal air tubing system.  It comes in black, red or royal blue.

  • Fits children sized 6-12 or standard kids sizes M-XL.
  • Open design is cool and comfortable.
  • Recommended style for use over a body protector.
  • The vests are easy to put on.  Front adjustable straps ensure a proper fit.
  • For a smaller stature than the SV2.  Follow link to sizing chart.
  • It uses a 50cc CO2 cartridge.  Keep plenty in stock.

Looking for larger sizes?  Try the SV2 and LV.

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