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Buckle Extensions
Buckle Extensions
Hit-Air Buckle Extension SetsStandard Inflatable Vest Buckle Extension Set for Hit-Air SV2, LV and MLV (The Pro Vest)Advantage Inflatable Vest Buckle Extension Set for Hit-Air Advantage VestBuckle Extension 7" Additional LengthStandard Buckle Extension Set Shown With MLV (The Pro Vest) in HiViz YellowAdvantage Buckle Extension Set Shown with Advantage in Red
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Inflatable vest buckle extensions provide up to seven inches of expansion for both the chest and the waist buckles.  This is enough room the same vest can be used over a another vest like the Casco MTR, be worn over a coat if it barely fits without one and allows use by folks of slightly different size.  This also allows a shorter backed rider the option to get a smaller vest and just add extensions.  There are two different sets of buckle extensions.  Get a set for more adjustability.
  • The Standard set has two extensions of the same size for the Hit-Air SV2, LV, and the MLV (The Pro Vest).
  • The Advantage set has two extensions.  The wider strap and buckle connect to the waist of the Hit-Air Advantage vests.  The Advatage vest has a shorter waist strap with less adjustability than the other Hit-Air vests.  The waist extension may be necessary for proper fit.
  • There is not a buckle extension set for the youth vest.  At least not yet, sorry.
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