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Nurse Practitioner, Section of Spine Surgery

Nurse Practitioner, Section of Spine Surgery

"The Hit-Air inflatable vest at HorsebackRidingVests.com is exactly the protection I was looking to upgrade to, especially now understanding the spinal implications from potential impact."
Allison Blood
Welcome to HorsebackRidingVests.com; we ship for free!

The mission of HorsebackRidingVests.com is to provide quality horseback riding vests to ensure safety, peace of mind and comfort for equestrians through thought-out research and commitment to the customer.  Anything can happen when you ride; prepare for it.  Get the lightest protection without restriction, the Hit-Air inflatable protective vest.  Layer for confidence, stay protected for the ride.

Innovative technology, like a vehicle air-bag, is given by the lightweight Hit-Air inflatable vests.  Once inflated, as it does immediately, it provides torso stabilization with a large neck cradling system, expanded hip air-bags and inner tubing system along the spine and chest.  The Hit-Air inflatable vests are perfect for adding a quick, lightweight layer of protection that only activates when necessary.  They are great for eventers for use over cross-country body protector vests.  Motorcyclists, endurance riders, trainers and those that want to wrap up in bubble wrap have been successful with Hit-Air.  Stay safer; get one.

A few reasons to shop with us:

  • We pride ourselves on top-notch customer service.
  • Proven quality and use of leading manufacturers.
  • Free shipping is quick and direct in the continental US.
  • A guarantee of all our protective riding vests and your satisfaction.

HorsebackRidingVests.com researched to bring you the most reputable manufacturers and effective protective vests out there.  Hit-Air is still considered relatively new on the market.  When you purchase an item from us you can be confident that we are supplying you with the best product backed by our satisfaction guarantee.

Thank you for shopping with us.

We look forward to serving you so keep us in mind for all of your equestrian and recreational Hit-Air protective riding vest needs.  Do not hesitate to ask questions; contact us.  Thank you for visiting.

    Product List

    Product List

    30cc CO2 Cartridge30cc CO2 Cartridge
    48cc CO2 Cartridge48cc CO2 Cartridge
    50cc CO2 Cartridge50cc CO2 Cartridge
    60cc CO2 Cartridge60cc CO2 Cartridge
    5+ Hit-Air CO2 Canisters in a Bundle
    Bolt and WrenchBolt and Wrench
    Buckle ExtensionsBuckle Extensions
    Keyball MechanismKeyball Mechanism
    Saddle StrapSaddle Strap
    Hit-Air: YouthHit-Air: Youth
    Hit-Air: Adult SV2 and LVHit-Air: Adult SV2 and LV
    Hit-Air: Adult MLV "The Pro Vest"Hit-Air: Adult MLV "The Pro Vest"
    Hit-Air: AdvantageHit-Air: Advantage
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